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5% of South Carolinians are immigrants;

5% of native-born US citizens have at least one immigrant parent

27% of the American population speaks a language other than english at home

Immigrants account for 17% of the

construction and extraction workforce supporting the growing infrastructure needs in SC

Top countries of immigrant origin in SC:

  1. Mexico (24% of immigrants) 

  2. India (7% of immigrants) 

  3. Germany (5% of immigrants

  4. Honduras (5% of immigrants)

  5. Phillippines (5% of immigrants

More than 7% of self-employed business owners in South Carolina are immigrants. These immigrant-owned businesses generate over $176,200,000 annually

According to the PEW Research Center for Hispanic trends, even though immigrants send money to their home countries, in 2013 immigrants spent $306 billion in the U.S., benefiting our economy.

As of 2016, 74 percent of DACA-eligible immigrants in South Carolina, or 7,150 people, had applied for DACA

Immigrants are able to fill critical jobs, such as the teacher shortage, within the state of South Carolina.

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